Travel Q&A with Stacy!

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Travel Q&A with Stacy!

What was your favourite destination out of the places you have travelled?

I’ve been lucky to travel to a few great places since working with The Travel Store, but my favorite destination I have travelled to was Disney World in FL.

Why was this your favourite destination?

Disney was my favourite destination because it was the first trip I got to take with my daughter. She was 4 years old at the time. We were actually supposed to go the year before but a hurricane hit Florida the day we were to arrive, so we rescheduled for the next spring. It was also my sister and my first time at Disney. It was so much fun going with my daughter so young because everything was magical to her.

What was the best attraction/place visited while on the trip?

Our favorite attraction was the Frozen ride in Epcot Studios. My daughter loved everything Frozen at that time and it was actually the first ride we went on after arriving at the Parks. We didn’t really know what to expect of the rides and it was a great introduction to the magic of Disney. After the ride we were able to do a meet and greet with Anna and Elsa and my daughter was star struck. I love having the memories and pictures of her so happy.

Why do you believe clients should visit this destination?

I believe everyone should go to Disney at least once. It’s so fun to forget about the outside world and feel like a kid again. The great thing about Disney is there is so much to see and do, so the parks are for all ages. I’m glad I took my daughter when she was so young because we were able to do all the things that she was interested in at that time in her life, that she will probably grow out of soon. We will definitely visit again and see the things that we missed the first time around. I recommend staying on site at the Disney Resorts for a seamless, stress-free vacation.