Travel Q&A with Linda Landry!

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Travel Q&A with Linda Landry!

What was your favourite destination out of the places you have travelled?

I have a lot of favorite places so this was really hard for my, So I am actually going to say my top 3


2. Munich Germany

3.Costa Rica

What was the best attraction/place visited while on the trip?

I love to climb mountains, Eiffel towel , Bell tower at Notre Dame, and Aruthur's Seat in Edinburgh, so when I had the opportunity to climb Diamond Head in Hawaii, it was like a dream come true for me.e, Diamond Head is a Dormant Volcano in Oahu,

The scenery once you get to the top was amazing, It is a wonderful feeling to reach the top of something .

Why do you believe clients should visit this destination?

We actually did Oahu and Maui, both islands are so different, Maui is a very laid back and relaxed Island. whereas Oahu is like a mega city in a tropical destination. The two islands have beautiful scenery, food is amazing, weather fantastic and the culture is so diverse.